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Nothing Like Regular Soap, It's 10x MORE FUN! 

 The Lavender and Chamomile essential oils in Good Night promotes healthy sleep patterns in children of all ages! Divide the bar for the perfect hand washing soap, or use the entire piece for a special bath time treat!

Did you know...?

Selphf was established in 2019. To this day we are still female founded and family operated. Both co-owners are former therapist, so self love are huge pillars of the company

Have You Seen us?

We are located in South Florida. At your next local market or event you just may see us. Stop by and say hello, we love meeting all of you.

Know The Facts

Discover the Advantages of Nature's Curative Components. Our commitment at Selphf is to incorporate natural oils and consciously sourced ingredients.

Customer Reviews

Based on 3 reviews
Wilma Quinones

My 11yr old absolutely loves it. I just wish it was in a bar so it would last longer.

Hi Wilma,

Thank you for your amazing review. If you love the scent but want a solid bar, check out the newly released Slumber cleansing bar. The Lavender Chamomile cleansing bar, with notes similar to the goodnight Jelly Soap.

Never seen anything like this!

I use them at the sink and now my boys LOVE washing their hands. I don't even have to ask anymore.

I found cutting the bar was more practical for my kids, so I made them into squares and now they take a piece each time the wash their hands.

For sure buying another

So Much Fun!

I literally bought these for myself, no kids, and absolutely love it! The Lavender one helps me get to bed at night, I just love the smell of it