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Healthier Yoni's are much more fun!

Feel fresh and confident with the gentle cleansing Yoni Collection.

So why

"Pound Town"?

Fun Fact: This name was actually given to us by a customer. The Secret Cleansing collection contains natural oils which help fight odor, overgrowth razor bumps, chafing and to our surprise vaginal dryness.

Though not hard to believe, seeing as nature provides the best medicine, we have received countless stories much like this one recounting how our bars have helped people regain their confidence and body's.


The Secret

Our soaps are natural, handcrafted and effective! Each bar is incredibly unique, although the recipe never changes.

Lavender and Clove oil are natural aphrodisiacs. This means through skin contact and activation of our sense, Clove and Lavender oil have been known to increase sexual arousal and vaginal wetness.

Secret contains many other benefits as well including pH-balance, aiding in infection and even killing bacteria which may harbor odor and moisture



Experience the Best Kept Secret for Women Aged 60 and Up: Our Arousal-Inducing and Confidence-Boosting Cleansing Bar!

Hey Hot stuff

Together we're learning to love the skin we're in


"This soap lives up to all the hype! 2 more added benefits I didn't expect, helps with pimples down there and my sweaty sometimes yeasty belly apron, bigger girls know what I'm talking about! Can't wait to try more products!"

Secret | Massage Bar

-Michelle P.

So far, so good.

"I am using this, and I haven't tried it on a man cause I'm single lol but I do care about my PH balance. The soap gave me a tingling feeling when I use it and it doesn't burn. I guess that's when you know it's working. Imma gives it two weeks to see anything different. Besides that, I'm liking it so far"

-Abeanka Brice

Just WOW!!!

"I did order this soap based off of a review I read online!!! I took a shower with it as soon as it came!!! I must say it lives up to its name!!! It’s the secret every woman should know!!!! It leaves me feeling so clean. I have noticed an increase in “moisture” but in all of the great ways I can’t type here!!!!"

Love this!

My boyfriend and I both love this soap! Great smell and leaves our skin feeling clean and soft!

-Nicole B

Back for more

"I have PCOS. It causes among many things Skin Sensitivities. This soap is a Wonder. It does Not make my skin red, irritated, or burn. The Secret soap Does leave my skin clean, refreshed, and unharmed. There is no harsh smells or even a strong essential oil smell. I am a BBW, live in a very humid area and this soap works Wonders to prevent “swamp arse”"

Secret | Massage Bar