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The Famous Pound Town Bar!

Whether you're looking for something to clean your intimate parts or just want a natural aphrodisiac, this cleansing soap bar is the perfect product for you. It's ideal for exfoliating discoloration, balancing yeast, odor, bacteria, and soothing chafing and razor bumps.

It's unisex and made for external cleansing of the Yoni (female) and Peen (male) genitals.


Pack Size:

Pack Size

Did you know...?

Selphf was established in 2019. To this day we are still female founded and family operated. Both co-owners are former therapist, so self love are huge pillars of the company

Have You Seen us?

We are located in South Florida. At your next local market or event you just may see us. Stop by and say hello, we love meeting all of you.

Know The Facts

We believe a big portion of our healing can be done through herbs and remedies, this is why we have made it our company missing to provide provides filled with natural oils and consciously sourced ingredients.

Customer Reviews

Based on 2 reviews

I am ecstatic that this soap is helping to keep my pH balance. I wasn't sure if it would work but after the first time, I knew this soap was a God send! I'll keep buying this soap from here on out.

Shemaiah Smith
Good so far!

I just received my order 3 days ago, but I will say I feel cleaner and fresher since I’ve been using the it. I’ve never really dealt with odor but I’ve noticed that I can still smell the fragrance of the soap after an entire day!