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The famous

"Pound Town" Bar

Secret | Aphrodisiac & Ph Balancing Bar


"This soap lives up to all the hype! 2 more added benefits I didn't expect, helps with pimples down there and my sweaty sometimes yeasty belly apron, bigger girls know what I'm talking about! Can't wait to try more products!"

Michelle P.

So what's

The Secret

Our soaps are natural, handcrafted and effective! Each bar is incredibly unique, although the recipe never changes.

Lavender and Clove oil are natural aphrodisiacs. This means through skin contact and activationof our sense, Clove and Lavender oil have been known to increase sexual arousal and vaginal wetness.

Secret contains many other benefits as well including ph-balance, aiding in infection and even killing bacteria which may harbor odor and moisture

Hey hot stuff

Learning to love the skin you're in


The Secret Collection is about celebrating your body and loving it for all that it is.

Vaginal health is important, but often times a topic of taboo.

Celebrate your uniqueness and feel sexy while doing it with this ph-balancing wash!

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