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Ready For Skin That Radiates? 

Sensitive, Dull, Hyperpigmented, Oily or Acne prone skin?
Radiance removes black and white heads, stopping pimples in there tracks. Eliminate face, chest, and back acne within days. Helps with hyperpigmentation and discoloration of the skin. Your go-to Acne cleanser and daily face wash.
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Did you know...?

Selphf was established in 2019. To this day we are still female founded and family operated. Both co-owners are former therapist, so self love are huge pillars of the company

Have You Seen us?

We are located in South Florida. At your next local market or event you just may see us. Stop by and say hello, we love meeting all of you.

Know The Facts

Discover the Advantages of Nature's Curative Components. Our commitment at Selphf is to incorporate natural oils and consciously sourced ingredients.

Customer Reviews

Based on 14 reviews

Well over my 10th time ordering! Never fells me!

Rashad Derico

I can hardly believe I'm now one of those people, but I swear by this product! I have had dark spots on my back for years and I became more and more embarrassed taking my shirt off at the beach. I've only been using the Radiance Massage Bar for two weeks and there is a noticeable difference! I'm so glad I took a chance on this!

Golden Parachute

I have bought so many bars of this soap! it is the only thing I have ever found that truly works and keeps my eczema at bay. It cleans my skin but it feels so soft. I use it on my face and my body twice a day. My teenage son and daughter use it as well and it does amazing for their hormonal oily skin.

Shay V
Sensitive skin approved

Only soap my partner’s skin seems to like


The soap with oil gives you an amazing feeling my face feels so refreshing Thank you bodycareforself I will be ordering again