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Meet the Makers | Briah and Adly Enoicy

I’m Briah Duncan. Together with my Husband, Adly Enoicy, we founded Selphf-- a black owned, female owned business. Selphf is a skincare company dedicated to empowering others through affirmations and healthy, beautiful skin. 

Adly and I both have mental health backgrounds. I have a Bachelor’s in Psychology from UCF and a passion for healing in underrepresented and overlooked communities. I practiced for three years as an ABA therapist in multiple states, helping children with Autism learn skills for daily life functions and independence. 

Adly has a Master’s in Marriage and Family Therapy from Syracuse University and a CAS in Addiction Studies. He spent over three years helping families reconnect and heal generational curses. He has also been a mentor to folks of all ages, at all stages of their journey. 

At the height of COVID, though many people’s most difficult times, we used adversity to challenge our passion as a full time opportunity. We rebranded, and full throttle began to push our message of Self love and Self-Care.

Some of our greatest products came out of this time. Some included our boost bar for Anxiety & Depression, as well as our new line of Sensory soaps, inspired by my past as an Autism Therapist.

Here at Selphf, real is beautiful. We use real stories to create each of our products, and brag about the real results they each deliver. We use real ingredients in each of our products and zero animal cruelty. Our products are handmade with each individual’s unique experience, story, and skin in mind. Our products are made with you in mind.