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Dry, Irritated Skin Relief!

Soothe your pain away with this gentle exfoliating Cleanse bar. The skin soothing oils aid in reducing inflammation and redness, while calming those annoying itches and repairing the skin. Made to combat Eczema, Psoriasis, Dermatitis, Itchy, Flaky or Broken skin.
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Did you know...?

Selphf was established in 2019. To this day we are still female founded and family operated. Both co-owners are former therapist, so self love are huge pillars of the company

Have You Seen us?

We are located in South Florida. At your next local market or event you just may see us. Stop by and say hello, we love meeting all of you.

Know The Facts

Discover the Advantages of Nature's Curative Components. Our commitment at Selphf is to incorporate natural oils and consciously sourced ingredients.

Customer Reviews

Based on 13 reviews

Noticed a difference after the first use


I only used one bar but I didn’t feel like my skin was any more hydrated than using the other bars. I’m not sure if the recipe changed or if this batch was just different but all my bars broke in thirds after the first three uses.

The Best Bar Ever

Now let me tell you about this bar. I've had the worst skin rash on my hands for a few months now which was very itchy and dry. Day 1- Right away the itchiness stop and it created this glow of shine over my skin. Day-3- The cracks in my skin sealed beautifully.
One week- No itchiness, no dryness, all the cracks sealed, skin soft and smooth again.
This bar here gave me my confidence back.
Definitely a bar to have in your home. Thank you.

Katina Price
Relaxing and clean

The soap was very relaxing and left my skin feeling very clean. I can’t wait to order another kind.

Bailey Luciani
Amazing cleansing bar!!

This soap has saved my skin!!! I have terrible breakouts on my back and shoulders and this cleared it up within two days!